List #1

Anachronisms, innuendo, / Idiosyncratic garb, / Vicissitudes, collapse, crescendo, / Provenance, a vintage car, / An audio/video interruption, / Flux, gastrointestinal eruption, / Lizard tats and farmer tan, / Kraughbin, Mozart, Steely Dan, / A tinted window, obfuscation, / Prime percentages, a spate / Of misdirections. figure-eight / Conspicuous procrastination, / Concerted wandering, discreet / Gesticulation of the feet…

Love and Relish

I radiate a love. I use plenty of relish.

I love a relish. I radiate plenty of use.

I, relish? I, plenty? Radiate a use of love.

I use love plenty. I radiate of a relish.

I relish use; love.  I, of plenty, radiate. 

He shut his eyes to recollect what…

He, turning, groaned.  The sunlight streaming / Through the gaps between the trees / Was searing him; his fiber screaming / Out for water as he wheezed. / He shut his eyes to recollect what / Had transpired but was rejected / By blacked out memory. It failed to bring / Forth to his mind a single thing.

The last he knew he was drunk at Jolly’s / The prior day and smoking pot / With Conway plus a sordid lot / Of misanthropic alcoholics. / But that was when the sky was day / And not to mention miles away.

Sensibilities de profundis…

Scott, measuring his steps, was frightened. / The proximal electromagnetic field / Was palpable. / It leveled; heightened. / A force had somehow made him yield. / The thrum and heady pulse had stunned his / Sensibilities de profundis / With such a shock and awe he gasped. / Dumbfounded, he staggered toward the bath.

Shattered, lacking sound conception; / Utterly unable to ascertain / The mighty rift in the mundane / That inundated his perception; / He fell, bewildered and bereft, / Upon the closet floor and wept.

The Ballade of The Baggers

The grocery store on certain days / When you insist on being rude / Just brings about all our malaise / And puts us in a dismal mood. / For when you state your platitude: / “I brought my own.” Well, we could gag. / Despite the karma you’ve accrued / No one cares you brought a bag.

Your ignorance; it does amaze / As it pertains to cooking food. / Negotiations for a braise? / For you, the skill, it does elude. / And as for your soup? You’re simply screwed. / Embarrassing that you would brag / Bout steak that scarcely can be chewed. / No one cares you brought a bag.

And as for diet fads your praise / Betrays an understanding skewed. / Soy beans will kill you was todays. / We simply shake our heads and brood. / For we’d get fired if we feud. / And that would really be a drag. / In silence we’ll make sure you’re clued / We do not care you brought a bag.

Now having said this, I conclude. / When buying groceries just be glad. / And not assume that we’re ones who’d / Remotely care you brought a bag.

They Say

I heard them say “They say…” today / And, hearing, hastily relay / To me unhesitatingly / That it was truthful to convey / The “said idea” seemed to be / To them an all but guarantee / To instantaneously sway / By virtue of its fresh decree. / My doubts they said they could allay. / An expert made it A-OK. / They said they had a PhD / But hadn’t seen their resume. / Yet vouchsafing veracity / They urged I simply must agree / Maintaining thus to my dismay / Themselves an instant devotee. / To know we don’t know / Seems to me / The way to go / Or so they say.


The earth is flux. It transcends the annals / Of humanity. It seeks no recompense. / Icebergs carve out river channels. / Sulfur bubbles up thermal vents. / Flowing in timeless homeostasis, / Not ours but rather our oasis, / We fret upon its stable shelf / While it stays perfect to itself. / The wisdom of the earth denuded, / All the experts talk of clime / Marching in strict geologic time / But we are folly now uprooted; / Beached, and should not be surprised /As earth reclaims its fire and ice.

Dolphin Mind

I bask myself aquatic within / The swimming pool’s salubrious, glassy womb. / Lapping its undulating yin / I drift immersed into the flume.

Streamline, writhing in its midst, / Beneath the sunlit surface glints, / I feel my fellow swimmer’s wake, / Receiving and becoming, break.

Skimming upon its placid sheen / With grace and amphibian finesse / My dolphin mind will luminescence / A spectrum of soft aquamarine.

The Codependent’s Lament

It’s now official! I appoint / You from the meager rank of friend / To one and only. I annoint / Our union til the bitter end;) / Since meeting you last month online / I knew ’twas you who’d spend your days / Indulging me and my malaise. / We’ll text each other all the time! / Now, join me please. I must parade / You cross the town with proud aplomb. / Forever happy we’ll charade. / I’ll introduce you to my Mum. / Don’t shatter me by saying no. / What do you mean you have to go?!